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PinPoint UDA

UDA Architecture

The PinPoint UDA system has been designed to provide
test solutions for the challenges you see today but has the
expandability to meet the demanding requirements you will
encounter in the future. Through powerful Universal Design
Architecture the PinPoint UDA provides the flexibility and
capability that empowers you to test Modules, Circuit
Cards and Components on a single test platform.

Finding a circuit that fails is one thing, identifying the cause
of the failure quickly and efficiently is quite another. The
PinPoint UDA not only excels in diagnosing the cause of
failures, but importantly allows you to create the test
programs easily, quickly, and with proven substantial
cost savings.

Based on evolutionary concepts, the PinPoint UDA
design provides a modular and flexible progression of
capability for you. The Universal Design Architecture
enables you to choose the best no compromise test method
for your circuits to give maximum test coverage - all with
rapid programming!

testing through:

  • Edge connectors
  • Bed-of-Nails fixture
  • Protocol ports - Boundary Scan, Serial, RGB etc
  • Fixtureless test adapters

test head configurations:

  • Digital
  • RF
  • Instrumentation
  • Power
  • Common Test Interface standards

Developed with the Military

DiagnoSYS has developed test strategies and products
such that the diagnostic process can be achieved rapidly
and accurately with negligible risk.

The PinPoint UDA system further evolves these strategies
and closely integrates Go/No-Go test capability together
with a powerful and flexible diagnostic arsenal all within a
Universal Design Architecture.

Technology, finance and time constraints today mean that a
test system must have powerful capability and functionality
that is easy-to-use and flexible - PinPoint UDA not only
meets these requirements, but in addition, makes accurate
and rapid diagnostics readily available all through the
proven TestVue software.

Diagnostic arsenal including:

  • Dynamic functional test of digital components
  • Dynamic functional test of mixed signal components
  • Analog Signature Analysis
  • Passive component value measurement
  • Traktest for continuity and opens testing of tracks
  • Shorts locator to identify the position of short circuits
  • Boundary Scan
  • Shared test programs through the logistics chain
  • Analog Stimulus & measurements
  • 3rd party Instrument Integration

Pass with Confidence

Technology today demands multiple test techniques to
ensure confidence in the results. No one technique will
test a complete circuit.

The PinPoint UDA system allows you to choose from the
many test techniques available and structure them together
seamlessly to form a complete test program in the graphic
TestFlow software. Comprehensive test coverage to give you
absolute confidence in your testing.

Instrument Strategizer allows you to program external
instruments graphically and to create complete test
sequences quickly and easily. Applying signals and
measuring them becomes straight-forward allowing you to
focus on the task at hand - testing your circuit.

Integrated Boundary Scan capability gives you the ability to
test chains of JTAG enabled devices, fully checking the
chain, the devices and connected memory.
Safe To Turn On(STTO) Tests
VXI Video Board Primary Side View (STTO):
  • 1.8V Regulator FPGA
  • 2.5V Regulator VCC_AUX
  • 3.3V Regulator
  • 1.2V Reg Virtex 4 CORE
  • (+ -) 5V / (+ -) 12V

Boundary Scan Chain Test

in-circuit/functional tests

Releasing the POWER

Test System hardware and performance is naturally
important and central to successfully testing any electronic
circuit or module. However, unless this power is easy-to-use
and readily available it never fulfils its full potential. PinPoint
UDA is built on UDA (Universal Design Architecture) and
powered by TestVue software.

Designed from first concepts with ease-of-use being a
paramount consideration, TestVue is an integrated
programming environment used across DiagnoSYS products
giving compatibility, a common environment and shared skill
sets for programming.

Powering the PinPoint UDA, the TestVue software allows the
full capability and performance of the hardware to be released.
Programming via the graphical environment is made even
easier and faster by context dependent menus and a maximum
of 3 menu steps to reach any required functionality.

With different levels of access, users are only ever presented
with relevant information again simplifying the task in hand and
giving rapid learning curves.

Embracing 3rd party technologies

The UDA provides the ability to integrate 3rd party
instrumentation via PXI, LXI or GPIB. Users have the option of
developing routines through TestVue or by utilizing National
Instruments Labview. Integration of 3rd party technologies
provides the user with flexible comprehensive test coverage.