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* A high precision fully suspended 4 point conveyor weighing

1) 4 load cells (with stainless pod covers)
2) 6 - 8 idler weighlength
3) NMI trade approved class 0.5
4) High accuracy application up to 0.1%
5) Non-Intrusive
6) Shear beam load cell used in tension

Direct force measurement (no lever arms, pivots or bearings)
Low profile design (non intrusive option)
Factory or site assembled
CST roll height adjustment CAMs (CST weigh quality idlers)
Galvanised and or painted to customer specification
Solid mild steel construction or stainless steel for extreme environments
Australian made
High accuracy up to +/- 0.1% error - application engineered
Designed for minimal material build up
Advanced Capabilities
Fully non-intrusive design (no conveyor modification required)
Extended idler pitch (for high tension belts)
CST weigh quality idlers (robust design, CAM adjustment, minimal material build-up)
Trade Certifications/Patents
Australia 6/14D/13 Class 0.5 Belt Weigher 2003 (first approved 1996)
Canada MC 0.1% Belt Scale Approval AM-5612 2007
MC 0.5% Belt Scale Approval AM-5442 2007 (first approved 2002)
OIML Certificate of Conformity 2003 Class 0.5 Belt Scale R50/1997-AU-03.01
UK MID application in process
USA NTEP 0.25% Belt Weigher Certificate 02-135
Australian Patent No: 631695
Weigh Length 6,000m- 12,000mm Load Cells 4 Load Cells
Belt Width 500mm - 3,000mm Load Cell Pod Covers Stainless Steel
Weigher Capacity

1 tph - 50,000 tph

Speed 0.5mps - 6.0mps
Accuracy 0.1% to 0.5% Trough 20" to 45"
Design Precision shear beam load cell Non Intrusive available Finish Paint and or HD GAL
Idlers 6 - 8 Idlers - CST or Industry Standard OIML Class 0.2
Idler Spacing 500mm to 5,000mm    
  · 1 - 2 belt weighers
· 1 - 2 bin scales
· 1 belt weigher and 1 bin scale
· High reliability dual in-line belt weighers
· Loss in weight systems
Fully automated belt weigher electronics
Programmable auto zero tracking feature
Isolated outputs for rate, total and alarms
RS232/RS485 duplex serial communications (ModBud compatible)
IP66 standard enclosure
DIP/IS protection available (for extreme environments)
Simple menus options
Capable of running 2 belt weighers standard
Bin scale controller plus On Stream Calibration configuration
24 volts, 110 volts and 220 - 240 volts
4 analogue inputs/outputs
5 digital inputs/outputs
Up to 1000m cable meters from the instrument

Advanced Capabilities
Customer software, control needs and ongoing support available
Event logging/Audit option(trade certification approved)-span, alarm, zero and data change events logged
Uninterrupted Power Supply
TCPIP network access

Trade Certifications/Patents
Approved for trade use
MID approval pending

· A precision weigh feeder system for material flow control
· 1 - 4 load cell belt scale
· NMI trade approved class 0.5
· Individually engineered/custom designed
  (application based engineering)
· Flows ranging from 0.20mtph to 1,200mtph
· GTU - automatic belt tracking system without belt side contact
  (patent pending)

DShort centres to 800mm
Sustainable accuracy from 0.5% using On Stream Calibration
Flow motivator for difficult materials
Turndowns of 20/1 using modern VVVF technology
Direct force measurement (no lever arms, pivots or bearings)
Factory assembled
Galvanised and or painted to customer specification
Solid mild steel construction or stainless steel for extreme environment
Blending capabilities with multiple units
Australian made
Bulk Materials handling
Gold concentrate / Cement / Coal / Iron ore / Sulphur
Cement clinker / Limestone / Lime rich sands
Food handling / Waste management / Energy supply